Lewis Capaldi Receives Overwhelming Support as Voice Cracks During Glastonbury Festival Performance

Lewis Capaldi Receives Overwhelming Support as Voice Cracks During Glastonbury Festival Performance

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi took the stage at the Glastonbury Festival on June 24, 2023, where an unexpected vocal mishap occurred during his performance of “Someone You Loved.” Despite losing his voice, Capaldi received an outpouring of support from the crowd, who helped him complete the song. The incident showcased the power of music and the strength of community, leaving a lasting impact on both Capaldi and his fans.

Capaldi’s Vocal Struggles

As Capaldi began singing his popular 2019 single, “Someone You Loved,” his voice cracked midway through the performance. Sensing the disappointment in his voice, Capaldi candidly addressed the crowd, expressing his frustration at losing his voice. However, he rallied the audience, asking them to sing along with him and fill in the gaps.

The Crowd’s Remarkable Response

In an extraordinary display of solidarity, the packed crowd at Glastonbury eagerly stepped in to support Capaldi. They passionately sang the lyrics, effectively becoming his voice for the remainder of the song. The touching moment quickly spread across social media platforms, with countless individuals praising both the crowd and Capaldi for their resilience and courage.

Capaldi’s Battle with Tourette’s Syndrome

In September 2022, Capaldi publicly revealed his diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome. He acknowledged that his shoulder twitch, often seen in his TikTok videos, was a symptom of the condition. Capaldi explained that stress, excitement, and happiness often triggered his tics. Seeking treatment, he underwent Botox injections to manage his shoulder movements.

Prior Concert Cancellations

Capaldi, known for his candidness about mental health struggles, had previously announced the cancellation of his pre-Glastonbury concert lineup. In an Instagram statement on June 5, 2023, he expressed the need for rest and recovery to ensure he could continue his musical career. Capaldi expressed gratitude for the support he received during this challenging period.

The Future for Capaldi

During his Glastonbury set, Capaldi revealed his intention to extend his touring hiatus following the festival. He expressed uncertainty about his availability for the remainder of the year but assured fans that he would return and hoped they would still be eager to watch his performances. Capaldi’s dedication to self-care underscores the importance of prioritizing one’s well-being in the demanding music industry.

The Impact and Resilience of Music

The incident at Glastonbury involving Lewis Capaldi losing his voice mid-performance serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative nature of music and the unifying strength of a supportive community. Despite the unexpected challenge, Capaldi’s talent and the unwavering dedication of his fans resulted in an unforgettable and emotionally charged moment. This incident resonates with people worldwide, emphasizing the profound impact music can have on individuals and communities.


Lewis Capaldi’s Glastonbury Festival performance, where he lost his voice during “Someone You Loved,” showcased the power of unity and the resilience of both artists and their fans. The overwhelming support from the crowd, who willingly took on the role of Capaldi’s voice, demonstrated the profound impact of music and the strength of community bonds. Capaldi’s openness about his struggles with Tourette’s Syndrome and his decision to prioritize self-care further highlight the importance of mental and physical well-being in the music industry. This memorable incident serves as a testament to Capaldi’s talent, the enduring spirit of his fans, and the unwavering power of music.

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