“MICHAEL JACKSON ONE”: Celebrating a Spectacular 10 Years in Las Vegas

"MICHAEL JACKSON ONE": Celebrating a Spectacular 10 Years in Las Vegas

Among the dazzling array of entertainment options along the iconic Las Vegas Strip, few shows have captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences quite like “Michael Jackson ONE” by Cirque du Soleil. Marking its 10th anniversary, this extraordinary production has firmly established itself as a must-see spectacle in the thriving landscape of Las Vegas entertainment.

A Legacy of Success

When “MJ ONE” debuted at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on June 29, 2013, Cirque du Soleil was already renowned for its long-running favorites such as Mystère and “O”. The pressure to build on that legacy and create a show worthy of Michael Jackson’s name was palpable for the entire MJ ONE creation team.

An Unforgettable Journey

Reflecting on the past decade, Igor Zambelli, a slackline artist who has been with the show since its inception, shares, “It seemed unattainable. Now looking back, we’ve really come a long way to create this history for ourselves. We’re part of continuing the legacy of Michael Jackson and the amazing history of Cirque in Las Vegas.” Today, “MJ ONE” draws audiences from around the world, performing five nights a week and solidifying its position as one of the top-selling shows in Las Vegas.

Capturing the Essence of Michael Jackson

The dedication to craftsmanship that defined Michael Jackson’s illustrious career is evident in every aspect of “MJ ONE.” From iconic songs and mesmerizing dance routines to groundbreaking music videos and his indelible influence on fashion, the show pays tribute to the King of Pop’s immense talent.

Veronica Vazquez, Wardrobe Supervisor, emphasizes the importance of the show’s costumes, saying, “The costumes are so iconic. You expect that when you see a Michael Jackson show. You can’t do Smooth Criminal without seeing an element of that pinstripe suit.” Each outfit in “MJ ONE” is meticulously designed to honor Jackson’s iconic sense of style, from the crystal-embellished glove to his fedora and rhinestone white socks. Every thread of the show’s wardrobe embodies the timeless fashion statements that Michael Jackson championed.

An Uncompromising Attention to Detail

The immense respect for detail, shared by the cast, crew, and creators of Michael Jackson ONE, breathes life into the production. Countless elements, including intricate costumes and props, seamlessly come together to create a show that surpasses all expectations. The harmonious fusion of music, acrobatics, dance, and visuals showcases the showmanship that made Michael Jackson a legend.

A Decade of Inspiration

Now in its 10th year, “Michael Jackson ONE” has evolved into a dynamic collaboration between the iconic music and legacy of Michael Jackson and the extraordinary production and acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil. With its electrifying blend of acrobatics, dance, and visual artistry, the show continues to astound and inspire visitors from across the globe.


“Michael Jackson ONE” has firmly cemented its place as a triumph in Las Vegas entertainment, captivating audiences for over a decade. With its unwavering dedication to honoring Michael Jackson’s unparalleled talent and visionary artistry, the show remains an enduring testament to his legacy. As the world continues to celebrate the music and influence of the King of Pop, “MJ ONE” stands as a fitting tribute, enchanting and captivating audiences from all corners of the globe.

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