Don Lemon Suggests CNN Dismissed Him for Refusing to Give Platform to ‘Liars and Bigots’

Don Lemon Suggests CNN Dismissed Him for Refusing to Give Platform to 'Liars and Bigots'

In a recent interview, former CNN anchor Don Lemon hinted that his departure from the network resulted from his unwillingness to provide airtime to individuals he deemed as “liars” on his show. Lemon, who sat down for his first interview since leaving CNN, emphasized his commitment to truth-telling and upholding the principles of the Constitution.

During the interview with ABC’s Memphis affiliate, Lemon didn’t mention CNN by name but indicated that he and his superiors disagreed on choosing guests to feature on the network. He expressed his stance against platforming individuals he considered “liars, bigots, insurrectionists, and election deniers” alongside those who advocate for truth and uphold constitutional values. Lemon asserted that he viewed it as a journalistic duty to avoid such practices and stood firm in his beliefs.

Regarding his future career prospects, Lemon admitted uncertainty but expressed pride in his commitment to his convictions. He emphasized the importance of abiding by the Constitution, citing the First Amendment’s provisions for freedom of speech, expression, and the press. Lemon reiterated his intention to remain authentic and honest.

Lemon departed from CNN on April 24, with the anchor expressing surprise at how he learned about his termination. In a statement shared on Twitter, he stated that he had yet to receive direct communication from CNN management and believed there were more significant underlying issues. He thanked his colleagues and the teams he worked with throughout his 17-year tenure at the network, praising their talent.

CNN, however, disputed Lemon’s account of his firing and claimed that he was offered a meeting with management, which he declined in favor of releasing his statement on Twitter.

Lemon’s exit followed a series of controversial remarks on CNN This Morning, a program he cohosted with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins. In February, he faced backlash for a sexist comment about former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, resulting in a temporary removal from the air. Lemon’s comment about Haley’s age drew criticism, and he later apologized for his inartful and irrelevant statement.

Two months later, Lemon was embroiled in another controversy after a heated exchange with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. During a debate on the Civil War and the Second Amendment, Lemon deemed Ramaswamy’s arguments about Black Americans as “insulting” and erroneous.

As Lemon reflects on his departure from CNN, the future remains uncertain, but his commitment to truth-telling and upholding the Constitution is a guiding principle.

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